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 Pit Liner Applications
• Oilfield Reserve Pits
• Remediation Pads
• Salt Water Disposal Pits
• Wastewater Lagoons
• Oilfield Frac Pits
• Drilling Pad Liners
• Temporary Storage Pits

Pit Liners are available for drop-shipment
or can be installed by an installation crew.
Projects are priced by liner size
and geographical location.


Fabricated to any specification

20 mil Medium or High Density Polyethylene
30 mil Medium or High Density Polyethylene
40 mil Medium or High Density Polyethylene

With increasing oil production, make sure your company is in
compliance with your state and federal regulations concerning the prevention methods needed.

You can keep your company from paying fines, hefty penalties and the expense of a clean-up that could cost your company much more than it would to take the necessary steps to keep a potential disaster from happening in the first place.


Secondary containment liner systems can be built around existing storage tanks, oil wells or any other vessel. This will further ensure that should you have a problem with your existing system there is containment of the leak into a lined area to contain the escaping fluid.

The ever increasing regulations for environmental concerns are requiring
containment and/or secondary containment of all types of chemicals, wastes, acids, crude oils and fuels. Field Lining Systems can manufacture and install liner systems for many types of containment systems.

Hoyt Sales
4518 Janssen
Corpus Christi, TX  78411

(361) 537-8845
(361) 857-0702 Fax





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